Tuesday, 20 September 2016

how school

We are doing new classroom because we think our classroom’s are boring so we need to make our classroom’s exciting.  

They are special doors they are elitch sliding key cards doors. They will cost our school not to munch. But the doors only let the key cards open the door between 8:30 till 3:30 the doors will be very cool.

The walls will be colorful just like our writing and stuff we will have hanging chairs built in couers and tv’s.

Solar panel   
We need solar panels to generate power for us because then we don’t need that much power from power lines  and it will cost us less.

School name
On the school name we reckon it should be fren school  because it is native and it grows around here. So I reckon it is one of the best names for our school.

In our classroom we should have two tvs and one is in the wall and one is in the floor.The kids that want to sit on the floor can and the people who want to sit up somewhere else they can  .  

So do you think we need a new classroom? we do.


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