Friday, 26 February 2016

Waipara - camp

Reflection on Waipara Camp WALT challenge ourselves to take risks Shelter building - our team used 3 trees we tied the rope up to the tree and the roof had a slope so the water would go down the roof and fall down and we did not get wet. It was hard to work in a team on shelter building because everyone had heaps of ideas and it was hard to choose the best one. We tried them and finally agreed on the best one. Abseiling - my goal was to watch someone else do it and then i did it. I was happy did it in the end. t was hard to work in a teme on

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kid President

11/2 Kid President 20 things we should say to each other more often 1 Have a growth mindset I can….but not yet 2 Good job. 3 You’re an awesome friend! 4 Please. 5 Thanks. 6 Excuse me . 7Do you want to play with me? 8 Go. 9 I need help. 10 You can have a ball. 11 Need help with work. 12 Do you need a hand? 13 Good job. 14 You're great at math. 15 Great work. 16 Are you ok? 17 Well done. 18 You have a go at it. 19 Need a hand up? 20 Do you need help