Friday, 12 May 2017

pals 7

On monday i did pals and we played cricket and we had 7 people playing and they injoyed and they all got pozi for play the rules right.

I showed the values of respect by letting every body get a go and not one person with the bat

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

cross contry

Today we did the cross conuntry and we all had to walk down there because its faster then caring because we will keep coming back and getting people and i came 5th tats the best i have got.

I had to try hard and not give up.

Friday, 5 May 2017

winter sport helping

On friday and and wednesday me and jak helped with the winter sport and we did rugby and we were gifeing them skills for when they play on friday they will have a skill that they can use has a team to get some cool trys

care try your best and not give up

bus tech

On the way to tech we take the bus on the bus we need to be sitting and talking quietly so the bus driver can be confident on his driving so he won't crash and we don't dieee.

care not being silley so try your best

buddy programe

On Friday we go down to the the little kids and play games with about 7/12 people and we play about 2 /3 games they like playing with us and having lots of fun and they like playing to gether and joining in to the games the year 7/8 play with them

l had to try keep them playing.

pals 2

On monday i had pals and me sam and jak ran it. It was going to be me and james that ran but james was away. So we played mini soccer and the loved it and they seid to us to run it next week.

I showed the care values by letting them get the ball so they don't get bored

pals 1

On monday i did pals with james and the game was doing sprint racing we had about 15 people. All of them stayed the all time and if they one a race at the end we would give them a pozi

I showed the care values by encouraging them to run has fast has they can

pals 3

On monday i had pals with james and we had to do jump jam and we were running the songs and we were  giving pozi out to the people that were daneing well out on the ground we have to give two pozi out.

I showed the the care values by rolemlding how to dance

pals 4

On monday i had pals wanwe played mini scoocer and all the little kids enjoys when all the pals come out and play games with them and they love it and we do to sometimes

I showed the care values by giving people a turn with the ball

run bike run ZONES

We were  going in the car and haveing a look round and when we get there i can see so many cars and then we get the bikes of the back and then we go but it under the oaklands flag place and then we took our bikes and hanged them up by there seat

IT WAS RANING    and very cold

 care tryed my best

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

current events

Blog Post Title: Current Events Term 1

Current Events Term 1

In Current Events I covered these topics: I liked the skate park one because i got work done with jak and it was a good progete
  • The design of the Halswell Skate Park and I made a submission to the council.
  • Donald Trump’s Refugee Plan
  • Christchurch Earth Memorial
  • The new Ngā Puna Wai Sports Facility
  • The Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan with a submission to the council.

My favourite topic was...because…I liked the skate park one because i got work done with jak and it was a good progete

Here is a link to my learning red zone
The Reading National Standards I have achieved are (delete the ones that are not relevant)
  • Year 5 and 6
    • I can evaluate and integrate ideas and information across a few texts.
    • I can locate and summarise ideas by skimming or scanning, by identifying key words, topic sentences, and key questions, or by using subheadings

Brayden visual language


Tuesday, 2 May 2017



Use a creative ICT tool to design a “CARE” message

IMG_2632 (2).PNG

Active Thinking

IMG_2610 (4).JPGUse a creative ICT tool to make a present for someone. (Eg. a calendar, birthday card)
IMG_2611 (3).JPG


Offer to help around.  home without being asked 10 times.
  • Clean up the house
  • Take the bins in

  • Take the bins out
  • Water the trees
  • Feed the cats
  • Clean the house windows
  • Get the talble set up for tea
  • Do the dishish Cleans the car

  • IMG_0053.JPG

    Plan a holiday (minimum of two nights away) for your family. Prepare a budget for travel, accommodation and activities.

  • Own choice

  • IMG_2675.JPG

  • Create a movie/digital presentation of how the Oaklands CARE values are used by students at our school.


Image result for pokemon go books

The story  that is could pokemon go and its about 7 pokemon  they all go tothe gime and fight eash other and they use there skill and attake the other one and they were trying to fight the gime leader that was in lead and  they stil trying to beat the leader. They are still trying they are not going to give up there trying still and then they do it and they are very happy