Monday, 20 March 2017

leadership article

Leadership Article Draft

What makes a great Physical Activity Leader (PAL)

Leadership is a skill of being able to motivate people/ teams to work towards a goal. There are 6 traits of an effective leader: Integrity, Trustworthy, Resilient, Goal focused, Active Thinker, Motivational.My key leadership role for 2017 is a PAL.
This means that I have to turn up every day it is wet and turn up every day and do my job.
In order to do this job you need to show leadership and be sensible and be active for the classroom you are looking up.

One of the leadership traits of an effective leader is being trustworthy. Being trustworthy means you be sensible and responsible and every time it is on you need to go talk to Mrs Patten and see what you need You need to see if your partner knows if it's on because they mind forget.

Being an active thinker is a key effective leadership trait. It means that the leader is able to solve problems and think when things don’t go according to plan lots of people have shown leadership like lot of people like Bill Gates. When Bill gates looked at any situation he developed a profile of all possible cases and looked at them in detail, he would ask himself questions about the possibilities that could happen.

My goal focused is to be a good leader and don't get kicked out and be responsible and trust worthy.This is someone her has role modelliing is Donald Trump he has showed it by getting present it is sometimes hard to get present you have to do a lots of work.

I have to achieve my goal focused i\I won’t  achieve my leadership role  and it is one way to get head boy and a leadership role like rata house captain and miro house captain and rimu house and khethiwe house captain.

In order to be a good PAL, I need to demonstrate effective leadership traits and work hard to do these well and be nice and trustworthy and dont be silly I need to be trustworthy, an active thinker and most importantly, show integrity.

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