Thursday, 17 November 2016

super hero

The Fight That Would Not Stop  

By Brayden

Bob and Jeff were going to their house. When they arrived they  sat on the couch for 30 minutes. Then they heard the bell, ‘ring ring ring.’ It was James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses our super heros.  They  were asking for help so they got James Tedesco to get the dog  ready by putting  the seat on and then they were on  the back of the dog and they were off. They were flying through the sky when James Tedesco fell off.  Mitchell Moses was still on so Henry the dog flew down to pick up James Tedesco. They were so close to the fight they were going to land in two seconds.
They were on the road and trying to stop the fight but the people that were in the fight were so hard to stop as they were too strong. Some of the people were running away and they were starting another fight. So James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses ran down the street and tried to stop the fight again. They were trying so hard to stop them but they still could not although they kept trying.

They were still trying to stop them so they started getting their potion out and threw it on the people so they would get weaker. They wouldn’t hit people and shoot them because they wouldn’t be able to move. This was because a hit of the potion would  freeze them into a giant ice cube.  Once they caught them they after put them in prison and broke the ice.

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