Monday, 9 May 2016

WALT view the world from another person’s point of view.   
Dear Diary

All I could hear when I was walking up the hill was guns getting fired and at night all I could hear was  boom bang when the guns went off.
I was  having tea and it was the worst tea it was yucky because  it tasted like rotten meat.  
I chewed on some gum so my breath would smell better.
Later I went to bed and while I was sleeping I could still hear ‘boom bang’ and that was the guns firing. The noise woke me up. I walked outside and had a look. I could see men with guns trying to kill people. I saw my friends going to help so I went and helped too.
2/5/5/16 My friends and I pulled out our guns and hid behind a tree. We saw the man  with the gun so we charged at him and shot him.
Back to our camp we were talking about why we have to wear the same clothes every day. We wore the same   shirt and  shorts and shoes every day and same hundes  and socks every day

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